Patriot Pole Vault Jumps For Halloween In Westborough

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Patriot Pole Vault celebrated Halloween the only way it knows how last Saturday at Westborough High School. Photo Credit: Jeff Nowak

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Costumes made things difficult, but members of the Patriot Pole Vault club found ways to get airborne at Westborough High School last Saturday. 

Photo Album In Pictures: Patriot Pole Vault Jumps For Halloween

Club director Doug Lang, donning his favorite chicken suit, brought candy and played Halloween themed music for the upwards of 10 vaulters who came to the Saturday event. 

"Today is for you guys," he told his vaulters, noting he wasn't going to be doing his normal critiques of forms. 

"Half the fun is trying to figure out how to vault with the costumes getting in the way."

See the attached photo gallery for some of the flying costumes.

Vaulters from New Hampshire, Rhode Island and the local area came out last Saturday. 

Algonquin High School's Carly Railing flew over the standards dressed as a Westborough Ranger, Sam Tellier of Groton was dressed as Jack Skeleton and Shrewsbury's Jim Tylock put his engineering skills to work with his bird costume. 

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