Shrewsbury Students Pick Obama Over Romney In Mock Vote

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Oak Middle School students in Shrewsbury chose Barack Obama over Mitt Romney in that school's mock election. Photo Credit: File

SHREWSBURY,  Mass. — The polls may have just opened Tuesday morning in Shrewsbury, but students in several Shrewsbury schools have already picked their candidate — Barack Obama.

According to Grade 6 teacher Sue Andrews, Sherwood Middle School students took part in the online Every Kid Votes national mock election. More than 720 Sherwood students cast electronic ballots, with 410 votes for President Obama, and 313 votes for former Gov. Mitt Romney.

Sherwood students will compare their votes with 6 million other students who participated in the mock election. On Wednesday, the middle schoolers will compare their election to the results of the national election.

Results of some other mock elections in the district include:

Oak Middle School

Obama: 62%
Romney: 37%
Other: 1%

Paton School Fourth Grade

Obama: 178
Romney: 172

Coolidge School Fourth Grade (one class of three)

Obama: 18
Romney: 9

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