Shrewsbury Students Earn Worcester Academy Honors

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Shrewsbury students have earned Worcester Academy honors.
Shrewsbury students have earned Worcester Academy honors. Photo Credit: File

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — Worcester Academy has named several Shrewsbury students to its 2012-13 Honor Roll and Headmaster's List for Trimester 1.

The honored students include:

Anita Alur, Grade 12, Honor Roll
Emily Ammons, Grade 11, Honor Roll
D. Thomas Aramony, Grade 10, Honor Roll
Ashay Athalye, Grade 9, Headmaster's List
Sepeedeh Azizi, Grade 10, Honor Roll
MacKenzie Baker, Grade 10, Honor Roll
Thomas Bolstad, Grade 7, Honor Roll
John Bowers, Grade 11, Headmaster's List
Peter Del Po, Grade 9, Honor Roll
Harsh Deshmukh, Grade 10, Honor Roll
Riley Doherty, Grade 10, Honor Roll
Matthew Donovan, Grade 9, Honor Roll
Badih El-Nemr, Grade 12, Honor Roll
Samuel Fiorillo, Grade 12, Headmaster's List
Maeve Foley, Grade 10, Headmaster's List
Patrick Grady, Grade 12, Honor Roll
Christopher Hunter, Grade 11, Honor Roll
Margaret Iaccarino, Grade 11, Headmaster's List
Sophia Iaccarino, Grade 8, Honor Roll
Sudeep Jandyam, Grade 11, Headmaster's List
Anna Kessler, Grade 8, Headmaster's List
John Marculitis, Grade 11, Honor Roll
Chandler Mendenhall, Grade 12, Honor Roll
Sumedha Mitra, Grade 10, Headmaster's List
Andrew Nichols, Grade 10, Honor Roll
Robert Nichols, Grade 12, Headmaster's List
Seon Park, Grade 8, Headmaster's List
Serra Park, Grade 10, Honor Roll
Kerstin Peterleitner, Grade 11, Honor Roll
Lena Polito, Grade 9, Honor Roll
Urvi Savant, Grade 8, Headmaster's List
Achint Singh, Grade 10, Headmaster's List
Kishan Singh, Grade 9, Honor Roll
Peter Tonelli, Grade 11, Honor Roll
Jafer Vakil, Grade 9, Honor Roll
Justin Wang, Grade 9, Honor Roll
Gregory Watts, Grade 11, Honor Roll
Nicole Wilson, Grade 11 Headmaster's List

Worcester Academy is a co-ed day and boarding school for students in grades 6-12 as well as postgraduates.

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