Shrewsbury Athletics Gets First Major Sponsor

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Central One Credit Union is now a major sponsor of Shrewsbury athletics.
Central One Credit Union is now a major sponsor of Shrewsbury athletics. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck

SHREWSBURY, Mass. – Shrewsbury High School's athletic department is on its way toward reaching a $70,000 funding goal, thanks to its first major sponsor.

Superintendent Joseph Sawyer announced last week that Shrewsbury-based Central One Federal Credit Union is contributing $20,000 to Shrewsbury athletics.

In exchange, the credit union will see its name more prominently displayed in prime locations during athletic events, in addition to being featured during game announcements, school athletic websites and game programs.

The athletic department was hit with $70,000 in cuts last year as part of a larger, $2.5 million school district deficit. The department lost another $15,000 to $20,000 in lost gate receipts because of the cancellation of night events over the fall. As a result, Sawyer and Athletic Director Jay Costa began exploring sponsorships as a way to raise funds.

Coupled with a recent anonymous $5,000 donation, Shrewsbury athletics is about a third of the way toward achieving its goal.

"Central One was the first to step forward and delivered in a huge way for us," Sawyer said.

Attempts to reach a Central One representative were unsuccessful. However, the credit union is no stranger to Shrewsbury High School. Central One already operates a branch out of the school.

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Comments (4)

Nice, I will work for $70 K...and get you 10x that in sponsorships. Any takers?
Can I take school vacations and 2 months in the summer off?

Way to go Dave L'Ecuyer

It sure beats not having sports or any other activities , i've enjoyed Shrewsbury sports for 45 years and would hate to see a great tradition be harmed in anyway. Whats wrong with a few local bussineses banners hanging in a gym , football feild or basball feild etc.. I would be interested !!!

It's a sad day in Shrewsbury when we convert our HS athletic program to an advertising medium. I'm well aware of the lack of funding, and the causes, and all the back stories, but that doesn't make it right. Who's next? Budweiser? Or maybe the pot dispensary?