New Committee To Review Shrewsbury School Safety

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Shrewsbury Superintendent Joseph Sawyer issues a statement in response to the Newtown tragedy.
Shrewsbury Superintendent Joseph Sawyer issues a statement in response to the Newtown tragedy. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck

SHREWSBURY, Mass. -- To help prevent a tragedy like the Newtown, Conn. school shooting from happening in Shrewsbury, School Superintendent Joseph Sawyer announced Wednesday that a committee will form in January to “provide expertise and guidance regarding how we can further strengthen our practices in order to promote a safe and secure school environment.”

Sawyer said that some school safety practices may change and require the “addition and redeployment of resources.” While the superintendent didn't specifically mention which practices would change, but said he would be “communicating more about this process as it evolves.”

“In the highly emotional aftermath of the mass murder of children and their teachers, it is understandable that some are suggesting extreme measures to protect those who are most precious to us, and that there is a sense of urgency to do something tangible to create a greater sense of security,” he said.

However, the committee, which will include members of school and police departments, will do its work over days, weeks and months.

The Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. claimed the lives of 26 people, including 20 children, and has sparked concern and alarm across the nation, especially among parents.

“This awful event has affected us all and I am proud of the way our community has responded,” Sawyer told the school committee on Tuesday.

He said Shrewsbury's youngest students have been “properly shielded from information they don't need to know.” Older students, he said, “are saddened but are not sensationalizing what has happened.”

The last school committee meeting of 2012 began on a somber note as School Committee Chair Erin Canzano led a moment of reflection and remembrance for what she called “an unspeakable tragedy.”

Regarding the victims, Canzano said their lives were lost “too soon in such an unbearable way.”

Attached: Joseph Sawyer's Statement On The Newton Tragedy (newtown_statement.pdf)

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Comments (3)

Why not start will locking doors and checking Id of all visitors? Or is it considered extreme measure?

Take the high school for example, a locked door surrounded by glass and a couple of senior citizens won't stop a madman with a gun.

Sadly, one of my first reactions to any school shooting is that a school should be one of the first places a child can be safe, and one of the last places to have a police man standing at a door. It's just against all that I believe.

Having said that, times have changed, and by "times" I mean PARENTS - not all, but many. We often hear about kids wanting instant gratification, BUT the parents are as guilty. Today, a parent will do almost anything to keep a child 'satisfied' instead of telling them to 'suck it up'. Witness driving to grandmothers and giving the kids a DVD monitor to watch instead of having a conversation. Both, the parent and the child, are instantly gratified... the parent doesn't have to deal with the situation, and the child gets his/her way. Kids stray, but a parent can correct that, assuming the parent is responsible.

But I diverse from the subject of school safety. Since it is obvious that schools are no longer safe from the crazies, and as sad as I have to admit it, I support having a police officer in schools, and make sure he/she has an AK-47 so he/she can rip the intruder to shreds. That will make the NRA satisfied.