Women Support Brown In Stop At Shrewsbury's Hebert Candy Mansion

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U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is greeted by supporters as he arrives for a women's rally at the Hebert Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi
Former state Rep. Karyn Polito discusses her support of U.S. Sen. Scott Brown during a rally at the Hebert Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and wife Gail Huff accept a large chocolate turkey from Tom Conroy, CEO of Hebert Candy. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is greeted by supporters as he arrives for a women's rally at the Hebert Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown arrives for a women's rally at the Hebert Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown speaks to supporters at a women's rally at the Hebert Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi

SHREWSBURY, Mass. - U.S. Sen. Scott Brown sought the women's vote Tuesday during a campaign stop at the Hebert Candy Mansion in Shrewsbury, picking up an endorsement from former state Rep. Karyn Polito and a large chocolate turkey.

With just 14 days to go before Election Day, the Republican senator, who faces Democrat Elizabeth Warren, has been spending more time on a campaign trail that, lately, has been taking several turns through Central Mass.

"Professor Warren has been trying to paint me as a threat to women," Brown said before a small crowd of sign-waving supporters. "She needs to stop scaring women."

Brown stressed his support of the causes traditionally seen as "women's issues," touching on his childhood in a home with domestic violence, his pro-choice stance on abortion and his support of federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

"I'm going to continue to fight for women, not just on these issues but also on economic issues," Brown said.

Polito, who served as Shrewsbury's state representative until she lost a bid for state treasurer, said she found Brown to be a bipartisan legislator during their time together on Beacon Hill.

"He has convictions, he has principles and he always stands up for what he believes is right," she said. "He doesn't look to leadership to make his decisions."

Both Polito and Brown pointed to Hebert Candy as an example of a small business which grew without government assistance -- a contrast, they said, to views expressed by Brown's opponent. Brown was critical of Warren's stance on business issues, noting that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce referred to Warren as "catastrophically antibusiness" in a recent get-out-the-vote effort.

Acknowledging that Massachusetts is traditionally a state that votes Democrat, Brown said voters should remember they don't have to vote the straight ticket on the ballot.

"Every part of the state is important and I'm going after every vote," Brown said. "Obviously, Central Mass. is a very important part of the state and I won most of the votes here last time. I'm hoping to do that again."

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Comments (16)


Nona, I don't think you know what was in the rest of the bill that Scott Brown voted no on. I like that he votes what he believes is right for his constituents, reading the whole bill to make up his mind.


Hard to believe women would rally for a candidate who does not even support equal pay for women. If you want to talk lies, listen to Brown's professing that he supports equality for women and then check his voting record.


Oh, so you admit she is part Native American!

She had minority status as a woman. Do you think she shouldn't have checked that box as well?

Seriously, this is what concerns you in the Massachusetts race for Senate?

Leicester citizen:

1/32 of anything does not qualify you for minority status! She knows that but she still used it to get a job.


You know more about her heritage than she does? How do you know? Oh, right, all you have to do is look at her.

What evidence is there that she lied about her heritage? Her family always told her she was part Native American. Do you have proof she is not?

What it the point of this, except to discredit her in some ridiculous, petty way?

Let's look instead at Senator Centerfold's voting record:

1. Voted against Paycheck Fairness twice.

2. Received an 80% anti-choice approval rating from the National Right to Life Committee.(Mr. Pro-Choice?)

3. Co-sponsored the Blunt Amendment which would have allowed a woman's employee to deny her coverage for basic health care provisions -- including contraceptive care and preventive cancer screenings -- for effectively any reason.

That voting record affects women's health and women's equality in the workplace. It matters a lot more than the nonsense about Elizabeth Warren's heritage.

P.S. If Elizabeth Warren had posed for a centerfold -- holy mother of God, we would never have heard the end of it.

Leicester citizen:

First she said she was an American Indian then she said that she spoke with someone on Wall Street who said they believed she could be the one to save capitalism. She later said that she shouldn't of said that because it was silly!
Silly=lie! She told people the story like it was true, then when no one belieaved her she said she shouldn't have said that because it was silly.

If you look into it, she is also practicing law without a active licence.


Both candidates are smart, accomplished people who I believe genuinely care for others. I like things about both of them. But the ugliness of the campaign (including the name calling by supporters) has changed my views, and far more negatively for Brown. His strategy of harping on the native American thing was a bad choice and made him look like a bully. And his stretgy of putting her down for being a Harvard professor like that's a bad thing instead of an incredible achievement makes him look less intelligent.I think it's costing him more votes than he's gaining by trying to appeal to anti-intellectuals. He also disappointed me in not playing up his strengths more - his not always being partisan is his greatest appeal but that gets drowned out by the negative attacks he makes on Warren. In the end though I think the fact that his voting has been too far to the right for MA on womens issues will be the key area that will cost him too many votes.

Dura Mater:

She's a fraud! I, for one, is glad she's being called out. should we just ignore the fact that she claims to be an American Indian and used that to get a very lucrative job? Should we???? NO......

And she IS a professor....what the heck is wrong with addressing her as one.

I wish she would address him as Senator!! He earned that title!!

Leicester citizen:

Elizabeth Warren has a proven track record of being a liar!

So someone can't be for women unless they vote for partial birth abortions?



1. What lies?

2. Who said that?


He's as phony as the "large chocolate turkey" he received. And didn't the original Hebert Candy go bankrupt? I believe this is a "new" ownership. But who cares? If you're Scott Brown, you claim to meet with "Kings and Queens". Your voting record is AGAINST women, while you claim otherwise, but you can say anything as long as your wearing that barncoat and driving a pickup truck.

John B:

Considering how the Republican party has gone over to the far right and voting 4% of the time is considered bipartisian. I am surprised that Scott Brown has not been targeted by the Club for Growth in the primary.

Considering that my Warren sign has been stolen out of my yard, twice! The Brown supporters have to resort to cheating to try to win.

C. Swett:

I suppose Elizabeth Warren voting with the Democrats 100% of the time is considered "independent" to you.

Second most bi-partisan member of the Senate, enough said.


Elizabeth Warren IS a Democrat. He's the one pretending to be independent. Look at his voting record. He voted for the Blunt amendment so that your employer can decide if your birth control is covered by the insurance you pay for!

Voting with the Democrats to name a post office or praise a dead person doesn't quite cut it. Enough said.


Scott Brown is not "independent" as he voted with the republicans anytime his vote was needed. Elizabeth Warren has a proven track record.

Dura Mater:

Yeah, Dennis...A proven track record of lying! (or if we want to be all p.c.....not telling the truth)

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