Warren Wins Senate Race, Brown Concedes

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Elizabeth Warren at an October rally in Worcester.
Elizabeth Warren at an October rally in Worcester. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck (file)

CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS -- Democrat Elizabeth Warren is predicted to win the race for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, unseating incumbent Scott Brown.

Media reports say Warren defeated Brown by 53 percent to 47 percent.

Warren’s apparent victory capped off a closely contested race, and brings the senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy back into Democratic hands. Brown won the seat in a 2010 special election after Kennedy’s death.

In conceding shortly after 10:30 p.m., Brown thanked supporters, and told them to “respect the judgement of the people.

“You and I have waged a great campaign,” he told supporters. “We stood strong in the fight, and we stand strong now, even in disappointment.”

Brown said he sent a message of congratulations to Warren. “She won it fair and square,” he said.

“It’s been a wonderful ride,” Brown said.

The Senator ran a grass-roots style campaign where he heavily courted Central Massachusetts voters. Brown made frequent trips to the area, making appearances in Shrewsbury, Auburn, and Grafton in the last month, and carried Central Massachusetts.

That wasn't enough to beat Warren, who primarily appeared in the Boston area. In October, Warren held a rally in Worcester, and her husband, Bruce Mann, made a stop at Dean Park Pizza in Shrewsbury. More recently, she made a stop in Auburn.

Gov. Deval Patrick praised Warren for being a “compelling candidate” who represented progress. “That’s a backbone,” he said.

Here's how Central Mass. has voted:

Auburn: Brown 5,096; Warren 3,697

Grafton: Brown: 5,447; Warren: 3,988

Holden: Brown 6,358; Warren 4,158

Leicester: Brown: 3,290; Warren: 2,215

Millbury: Brown: Republican 3,981; Warren: 2,795


Northborough: Brown: 4,733; Warren: 3,624

Shrewsbury: Brown 9,990; Warren 8,039

Southborough: Brown 3,347; Warren 2,464

Westborough: Brown: 4,780; Warren: 4,173

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Comments (12)

Conservatives successfully faught against her as the head of the consumer protection agency. Now she's replaced Brown as our Senator and has been appointed to the Senate Banking Committee! Keep it up wing nuts, thanks to you, someday she may be President!

hey, maybe now she can afford to buy a jacket with long sleeves.

She made more in the private sector because Harvard is a private institution and the market decided she was worth it.

And long sleeves are so yesterday, dahling.

The little 3/4 sleeved jackets thumped the barncoat.

I hope that she'll quickly figure out that her professor skills don't exactly translate to being a senator, and I hope that she sincerely represents all of MA, not just the people who voted her in. She seemed to indicate in her victory speech a desire to work with everyone... let's hope she does.

She was just too strong a candidate against a too far right for MA Republican. He had a fine line to walk in the Senate, and if he'd voted more to the center on women's issues he might have had a stronger chance. I'm sure we'll see Brown again though, maybe as governor.


My thought's Senator Kerry will be the new Sec Of State, Gov. Deval will maybe run for Sen Kerry's seat, hand the Gov Chair over to the Lt. Gov, maybe then the Lt. Gov Vs Brown for Gov, who knows?

Let's see what the old crystal ball has in store:
1. Sen Kerry to Secy of State (so Mrs Clinton can prep for a 2016 prez run)
2. Gov Patrick to Attorney General (goodbye Mr. Holder)
3. LT Gov Murray to Governor
4. Brown wins Governor over Murray (Mass likes centrist Repubs as Gov)

5. Republicans in the House of Representatives block everything because they pledged to Grover Norquist that they would not vote for any tax increases, and they hold their Grover pledge at a higher level than their Oath of Office. Why? Grover controls funding!
6. VP Candidate Ryan helps block everything substantive in the House (he is the House Budget chair), thus positioning himself for a 2016 prez run.
7. The Sox win the World Series, the Pats win the Super Bowl, the Celtics win the NBA championship.

Governor Patrick has already said no to anything that requires he leave office early. But I can easily see Scott Brown running for Gov in 2014 and winning.

If your President asks, you must accept (at least, that's what they always say in the movies)

She might vote with Obama 96% of the time.
The majority of America has made this choice.

An Obama rubber stamp!!!!!!!!!!!!