Simonian And Moore Battle It Out With 8 Days Left

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(L-R) State Sen. Michael Moore (D-Millbury) and Republican challenger Steve Simonian are gearing up for the Nov. 6 election.
(L-R) State Sen. Michael Moore (D-Millbury) and Republican challenger Steve Simonian are gearing up for the Nov. 6 election. Photo Credit: File

AUBURN, Mass. – With the 2nd Worcester District election coming up, state Sen. candidate Steve Simonian (R-Auburn) is making a last push to oust four-year incumbent Michael Moore (D-Millbury). Simonian recently stated that he has knocked on over 17,000 doors and has worked harder than Moore, but Moore said he “continues to devote every ounce of energy to this race and to my constituents.”

Simonian said in a press release last week that he has personally knocked on over 17,000 doors throughout the district and has hit over 80 percent of the voters.

“My opponent, being an incumbent Senator can out-fundraise me. He can out-spend me. But under no circumstances will he work harder than me,” Simonian said. “My military and private sector experience have afforded me the determination to make my case to the voters.

“When I started this race, many in the establishment didn’t have faith that my opponent could be given a serious challenge,” Simonian added. “They used to say, you don’t have a chance, but now since you knocked on my door, I'll vote for you.”

In response, Moore said that no one should ever underestimate his work ethic.

“Over the last four years, whether it's during an election or not, I always give 110 percent to this job and getting my message out there,” Moore said. “I have a proven record of results, I have a strong vision for the future, and I’m optimistic that the voters will respond favorably. I have never, and I will never, take anything for granted. 

“Whether it's door knocking, attending community events, participating in forums, or simply going out to meet people, I continue to devote every ounce of energy to this race and to my constituents,” Moore added. “I'm proud of the work I've done, I'm encouraged by the direction we're going, and I've been humbled by the overwhelming show of support I've received.”

The 2nd Worcester District includes Auburn, Grafton, Leicester, Millbury, Northbridge ((Wards 2 & 4), Shrewsbury, Upton and Worcester (Wards 5-7 and Ward 8 - Precincts 1 & 5). The Simonian campaign said he has hit over 80 percent of voters based on the campaign’s calculation that 20,986 likely households vote consistently in the district.  

In the 2008 presidential election, about 70,000 voters voted in the 2nd Worcester District state senate race. Auburn Town Clerk Ellen Gaboury predicts there will be as many, if not more, voters on Nov. 6.

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As far as the EBT issue goes, I do not know any represtentative or senator who is not working to get that gap closed. That is already in the works, so Simonian can't really take credit for that issue. Senator Moore is one of the hardest working legislators for the people and the businesses in our area. He is always representing his districts, but more importantly he LISTENS to those in his district and takes action to solve the problems presented to him. Why would you want to change unless you are just a one party individual which to me is just foolish.

BTW Res.. Much of that support comes from Political action committees, lawyers and Lobbyist..

Its the advantage of being the incumbent, and it's what's wrong with politics..

OMG...I may be running against the Democratic tide here...this is disturbing, BUT...Simonian wants to reform the EBT card fiasco. You know...the one where 52,000 households receive temporary cash assistance. As of July, 2012, the rules were finally reformed to eliminate purchasing liquor, but you can still buy tatoos, guns, and jewelry. It would be great if Simonian can lead a charge to eliminate these ridiculous allowances.

To be clear, the Second Worcester District has about 170,000 people in it (pretty easy to find out). Simonian has literally been making numbers up regarding door knocking (first 30,000, then 25,000, now 17,000). That just makes him, and his campaign, look ridiculous. While I seriously doubt his claim of door knocking, the campaign is about issues, and Simonian is woefully lacking in this area.

Just because Simonian can't raise any funds (lack of support), I would hesitate to criticize Senator Moore for raising money for his re-election....has nothing to do with "buying" an election. It's what candidates need to get their message out, and he has a broad range of support, so people do donate to him. I don't see anything wrong with that.

Hey Res.. When did simonian say 30,000 .. I never saw that published.. Do you have inside information?

Plus you are not too bright.. Simonian, Targeted 21,000 doors, NOt people.. or residents... Genius...

Not everyone is registered to vote, Not everyone who is registered to vote, does, And not everyone who votes, has a separate residence...

And campaigns don't target every single registered voter... They pull lists, people who have voted in past elections. They poll, They identify, definate voters for and opposed, they idenitified voters that lean towards a candidate..

They do all kinds of work, to identify that slice of the actual electorate that are willing to be pursuaded... It's called voter ID. It's painstaking work.

So after you eliminate non-voters, Voters who are registered but won't vote, Voters who definately won't vote for you. Voters who are going to vote for you no matter, you are left with the undecideds... And many of them live under the same household.. so, out 21,0000 you can expect about 36,500 voters, in those households.. You following Chump?

campaigns don't concern themselves with how many people live in a district, they concern themselves with how many undecideds they can get to vote for them, Which is how elections are won and lost..

170,000 people, of the 70,000 that will vote, (not expecting that many, no Obama Surge of youth voting) You're looking at about 45,000 households.
Of those households, 21,000 will be persuadable, 15,000 will vote the democrat no matter what, 9,000 will vote the Republican no matter what.

Identify the 21,000 Households (which is more than 21,000 voters, or people) and knock on the door..

If Sobey wasn't such a Mike Moore supporter, he would have identified, the difference, between, households of likely voters, Registered voters, and people who live in the district... But you knuckleheads all think it is one in the same.

The writer of the Daily Auburn is soo FOR MIKE MOORE it's disgusting...

20,986 HOUSEHOLDS were idenitified.... Almost Every household has MORE Than one VOTER.

His article makes it sound like Simonian underestimated the size of the race.

Further, no expects the same turnout as 2008... As Obama was a rock star in 08, and broke records getting out the youth vote...

That is not expected to happen again.. Don't forget because of the poor management of the state, we are one of the few that have a declining population, resulting in Redistricting.. So 2008's second worcester, is not the second Worcester District of 2012.

Mike Moore thinks he can buy this election..