Simonian Accused Of Campaign Finance Violations

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State Sen. Republican candidate Steve Simonian
State Sen. Republican candidate Steve Simonian Photo Credit: File

AUBURN, Mass. – Republican candidate Steve Simonian is being accused of violating campaign finance laws by the Massachusetts Democratic Party in a complaint filed  less than five days before he faces Millbury Democrat Michael Moore in the 2nd Worcester District state senate election.

On Friday, the Massachusetts Democratic Party asked the Massachusetts Office of Political and Campaign Finance (OCPF) to investigate possible campaign finance law violations by Simonian. John Walsh, chair of the state’s Democratic Party, said in the letter to OCPF that the Simonian campaign’s press contact and consulting firm were not listed on campaign finance documents.

In a phone interview, Simonian, an Auburn Selectman, said he did not know about this possible investigation.

“I’m not going to comment,” he said. “I don’t know anything about this.”

In Walsh’s letter to OCPF, he wrote that “the Simonian campaign employs the services of a consulting firm called Shamrock Development, Inc. Sean Carpenter is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the firm, which describes itself on its website as ‘a full scale development, consulting, asset and property management firm.’

“The website of Shamrock Development notes that Mr. Carpenter has ‘successfully managed several local political campaigns,’ ” the letter continued. “In fact, Mr. Carpenter’s name appears on official Simonian campaign documents as a contact for the press.

“However, neither Shamrock Development, nor Mr. Carpenter appear either as an expenditure or an in-kind contribution on Simonian’s reports to OCPF. Pursuant to 970 CMR 2.07, as well as Massachusetts General Law, in-kind contributions, including goods and services, are strictly regulated.  Disclosure of in-kind contributions follows the same requirements as donations. Corporations are also strictly prohibited from making direct or in-kind contributions to any candidate.

“We urge OCPF to open an immediate investigation into these possible violations by Republican candidate Steve Simonian,” Walsh concluded.

In a phone interview, Carpenter said that he has "never collected a dime from Steve Simonian."

"Steve is a friend of mine, and I'm helping him out as a volunteer," Carpenter said. "They clearly don't want to talk about the issues of the campaign."

Moore, who has served the 2nd Worcester District for four years, said that he'll leave it to the judgment of OCPF to determine if a violation has occurred.

"I'm a firm believer in campaign finance laws in order to protect the integrity of the electoral process," Moore said in a statement. "The laws and regulations we have in place are essential to preventing undue influence and persuasion by campaign donors on a candidate, and must be honored at all times."

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Comments (17)

The TRUTH about Sen. Mike Moore’s Voting Record:

 The TRUTH about the Medicaid 10-day bed hold: the Legislature temporarily suspended funding to maintain other essential services. With 4000 empty Medicaid-funded beds, not a single senior citizen was denied access to their nursing home. Sen.Moore voted to restore funding within three months of the reduction.

 The TRUTH about Sen. Moore’s work record: As the Chairman of the Committee on Higher Education, Vice Chair of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, and a member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Senator Moore spends a great deal of time at the State House chairing meetings, submitting testimony and meeting with stakeholders. In addition, Senator Moore routinely attends approximately 200 community and constituent events per year.

 The TRUTH about Sen. Moore’s campaign spending: Every golf tournament Senator Moore has attended has been for charity, paid for with his campaign account. He likewise donates thousands of dollars per year to charities throughout the area, including for dinners, supportive advertisements, et al.

 Voted to increase senior citizen volunteer property tax credit to $1000

 Voted to increase Elder Protective Services Program by $1 million

 Voted to give 1% of all casino revenue to property tax relief for seniors

 Voted to restore funding for Medicaid 10-day bed hold in Supplemental budget

 Voted to repeal 6.25% tax on alcohol at package stores

 Voted to decrease sales tax from 6.25% to 5% by 2013

 Voted against raising gas tax by $.19 per gallon

 Voted against raising income tax to 5.95%

 Refused two pay raises and took an unpaid furlough

 Named “Friend of Small Business” by Natl. Federation of Independent Business for
leadership and votes on business-friendly issues

M Shiv, Thanks for the info. I got the same explanations that you got. I will be voting for Mike based on his record and his work ethic.

I agree with betty in that candidates should be saying what they've done, and what they'll do in the future, although EVERY SINGLE ITEM from Simonian has been attacking Senator Moore. You should take your own advice betty...did you see anything from Citizens that addressed issues? Of course not. Because Simonian has NOTHING to run on. And a tremendous amount of what he's said about Moore are out right lies. Only worked 33 days? Only a fool would believe that. Voted against seniors? Nope. He's fought tooth and nail to defend seniors. Pension abuse? Also not true. Anybody, whether in the private or public sector, can pursue a second job...he paid in 26 years towards his pension, and he's only getting back what he put in. The Governor calling Sen. Moores actions "abuse". A blatant lie. Gov was referring to former Sheriff Dipaolo, who retired from Sheriff, and then ran for re-election as Sheriff...THAT is double dipping.

The Simonian camp has lied...over and over and over again. And now Simonian is being investigated by OCPF? I cant imagine anyone thinking that is ok.

Auby, How has Mr. Moore spent our tax money? I am on the fence because I think he is a decent guy but who really knows anyone. I am a fiscally conservative Independent. I will give him the benefit of the doubt if you can give me a few things that you liked how he voted. I do not respect the OCPF investigation because it was brought about by John Walsh. He is the Head of the DNC party that called Scott Brown a girl for folding some laundry. So much for the war on women. He obviously a loon.

Thank you Citzens for Responsible Governing. It's nice to see that
someone "gets it".

I am unbiased as I do not live in a district where I can cast a vote in this election, but it was just so obvious that this issue was brought up last minute to smear Mr. Simonian.

Whatever happened to telling us what you're going to do if you get elected instead of wasting time digging up an issue against your opponent that pales in comparison with the big picture of important issues and problems that small towns are faced with at this time...

It suddens our group to see that a highly respected elected official would resort to filing complaints with the state to smear an opponent and his individual supporters.

Unfortunately it has come to our attention that this is not the first Mr. Moore's group has done something like this.

It is also unfortunate that we have recently learned that one Mr. Moore's outspoken supporters may be in the running for a high level position in government in Millbury. You do need friends to get a job in Massachusetts.

When it comes to politics even the best people can lose sight of why they are there.

Please take a look at some of Senator Moore's Record and decide for yourself:

Senator Moore Votes "NO" to Tax Assistance for Low Income Seniors
Moore sided with 28 other Senators in a shocking vote that blocked assisting Massachusett's most vulnerable population, low-income seniors.

An amendment proposed to Bill S-3 that would have allowed more homeowners and renters over the age of 65 to qualify for "senior circcuit breaker" tax credits failed, with Mr. Moore unequivocally voting NO.

Amendment supporters said the change would have provided much needed tax relief to more low-income seniors who are struggling to pay their real estate taxes, water and sewer bills during this recession.

Moore Votes No to Permanant Tax Holiday
A "Yes" vote would establish a permanent annual two-day tax holiday in August.

Senator Moore voted "NO"

The Senate voted 34-4 to reject an amendment establishing a pemanent annual two-day weekend sales tax holiday in August. The Department of Revenue would choose the dates of the holiday and announce them by July 15 of each year.

Amendment supporters said it is is itime to make this successful holiday a permanent one and noted similar tax free holidays over the past several years have helped retail stores and consumers. They noted that a permanent holiday would give consumers the oppportunity to plan purchases in advance and not have to sit around each year and see if the Legislature decides to approve a holiday.

Opponents of the amendment, prefer to take the vote year to year. It allows them to go back to their constituents and use the vote as an example of being pro-taxpayer & pro - business.

If they truly were pro-taxpayer & pro business, woudn't they vote to make it permanent?

When the Senator feels donor's should reimburse him for his expenses, he submits a Reimbursement Report to his Treasurer. The reimbursements come from campaign donations made by you, and are deposited into his own personal account. Here is a small sample of what Mike had donor's reimburse his personal account for.

3/2/2012 Barclay Prime Philadelphia, PA Higher Ed Conf Dinner $95.22

1/26/2012 Calabria Ristorante
7 South Main St Millbury, MA 0152 $135.56

3/7/2012 Calabria Ristorante
7 South Main St Millbury, MA 01527 Dinner With Staff and Senate President $276.00

3/1/2012 Emmet's Pub and Restaurant
6 Beacon St Boston, MA 02108 $381.00

3/4/2012 Massport Parking Facilities
East Boston, Parking For Trip $68.00

3/3/2012 Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Dinner $68.78

3/4/2012 Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Hotel For Trip $458.50

2/8/2012 The Sole Proprietor
1Fundraiser Recap Meeting $157.32 (WHAT IS A RECAP MEETING)

2/25/2012 Us Airways
Flight To Philadelphia $329.60

To see more go to the following website and click on Mike Moore's name, you can see all he has been personally reimbursed for.

Moore Works 33 Days This Year Paid over $103,000.00 or $3100 a day
Mike Moore attended only 33 formal sessions in 2012 in Boston and there is question as to whether he attended them all. For those 33 days, Senator Moore was paid a salary of $75,845.00 and a retirement pension of $27,840. The Senator, famous for his double dipping, meaning applied for and successfully recieves retirment benefits at age 44 from the state while collecting a salary as a legislator is in the hot seat for what can only be considered part time work for full time pay.

So what has the Senator done with all his free time? To fiind out click here.

Below are the dates of Formal Sessions for 2012.

TodayJan4 12:03 PM Formal
Senate Session 125
TodayJan10 1:25 PM Formal
Senate Session 128
TodayJan12 1:14 PM Formal
Senate Session 129
TodayJan19 1:00 PM Formal
Senate Session 131
TodayJan24 1:00 PM Formal
Senate Session 134 (without Calendar)
TodayFeb2 1:00 PM Formal
Senate Session 138
TodayFeb9 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 141
TodayFeb16 1:14
PM Formal
Senate Session 144
TodayMar1 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 148
TodayMar8 1:13
PM Formal
Senate Session 151
TodayMar22 1:01
PM Formal
Senate Session 155
TodayMar29 1:01
PM Formal
Senate Session 157
TodayApr5 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 160
TodayApr12 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 163
TodayApr26 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 167
TodayMay3 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 170
TodayMay8 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 172
TodayMay10 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 174
TodayMay15 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 176
TodayMay17 10:03
AM Formal
Senate Session 178
TodayMay25 9:00
AM Formal
Senate Session 180 (without Calendar)
TodayJun6 12:45
PM Formal
Senate Session 185
TodayJun12 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 188
TodayJun19 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 191
TodayJun21 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 193
TodayJun27 2:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 196
TodayJun28 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 197
TodayJul12 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 202
TodayJul19 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 206
PM Formal
Senate Session 208
TodayJul26 1:00
PM Formal
Senate Session 210
AM Formal
Senate Session 212
TodayJul31 10:25
AM Formal
Senate Session 213 (without Calendar)

Hopes Ice Cream Socials and Turkey Dinners Will Overcome Backlash

Imagine, you, or a loved one work a lifetime to get into the retirement home of your choice. You spend your life savings on elder care, believing you will spend the rest of your days in the same home for years to come. As years go by, you develop friendships with other residence who live there, create bonds to the staff that care for you. Those allow you and your family to rest easy knowing that as you become more dependant on the staff, your familiarity, trust and friendships will give you all the comfort you need for the rest of your days.This is your home, sometimes for a few years, sometimes for decades, but it is without a doubt, home.

Senator Mike Moore voted to reject an amendment that would requre MassHealth, the state's Medicaid program that provides healthcare for low-income and disabled persons, to hold a bed of a resident during his or her hospitalization for at least 10 days. This bed hold policy has been in effect for years, but was cut from the budget, with Senator Moore supporting the cut.

With this cut, you or a loved one being admitted to the hospital for one day, could be told they can never go back to their home where they lived for decades. They will never see their friends again. They will be moved to a different facility of the state's choosing, and it will happen when they are at their most vulnerable and frailest point in their lives.

Senator Moore has never discussed this vote. The newspapers have never published this story. He is hoping that the seniors will not look any further than the ice cream socials and turkey dinners he provides.

Thanks for the info. I would like to know how many people were at that $450 dinner or what wines were served. To me, if I were Mr. Moore, I would not want Mr. Walsh filing any complaint. I would have nothing to do with him. He has no credibility.

For the women who are concerned with women's rights, look at the following comments that Mr. Walsh made during this campaign season.

"The chairman of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, rallying state delegates before the Democratic National Convention, today said that Senator Scott Brown tried to portray himself as “an honorary girl” by folding laundry in a TV commercial targeting women voters.

Chairman John Walsh made the comment in a blistering opening statement at the delegation’s first breakfast meeting before the convention kicks off Tuesday. Brown is facing a stern reelection challenge from Democrat Elizabeth Warren, who will address the convention on Wednesday night."

So much for our Democratic party that supports the war on women. They are showing their true colors.

now where getting somewhere..facts just the facts. This is what a campaign should be about...I'm learning something about a candidate I didn't know before. Nothing like a good honest debate on the FACTS. No mud-slinging...Bring it on.....I want to learn more so we can vote based on facts not emotions

Someone must be extremely worried that Mr. Simonian might have a fighting chance to unseat the incumbent.

Interesting this comes out 5 days before the election.

From what I understand, the reporting period for candidates to file just ended, so it couldn't have come out any earlier, though I'm starting to wish it did. People need to know who the candidates really are.

A one-term Selectman and already accused of campaign finance violations? I dont know much about Mr. Simonian, but this screams to me "business as usual politician". Is it really that tough to follow the rules?

I've met Senator Moore a few times, and I'm pretty sure he's never had an issue like this. He's very down to earth, very relatable. I'm impressed with what he's accomplished so far, and Mr. Simonian has given me no reason to think otherwise.

There's no excuse for trying to game the system and receive free stuff from companies, just because you can't raise any money. What makes Simonian think the rules don't apply to him? People around town have been saying he's shady, now I know why.

That's a pretty dramatic statement. Do really think he did that on purpose or was it just an oversight because he is a newcomer? That's a far cry from "operating his campaign in total secrecy from public view" ..Come now...Like I said before that's really scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up w/ something negative to throw out there days before the election

This just proves Mr. Simonian will do anything to get elected, even trying to circumnavigate campaign finance law. I think everyone would agree that we have rules and regulations on campaign finance for a reason. Just because he's a newcomer and doesn't have much experience in public service doesn't mean he's exempt from following the law. "Friends" of candidates can't give free services without disclosing it....isn't that what election laws work to prevent?! If left unchecked, Simonian's campaign would operate in total secrecy from public view. If the shoe were on the other foot, people would be crying for Senator Moore's head. We must hold the challenger to the same standards.

I would say this is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to make Steve Simonian look bad right before the election by John Walsh, who, no doubt is supporting Mike Moore..Steve is an honest, straightforward, hardworking family man who will look after the best interests of the people in his district. By the way, to me anyway, I think it's pretty nice of Mr. Carpenter to volunteer to help out a friend.