Shrewsbury To State: No More Mandates

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Shrewsbury town officials have sent letters to the state delegation complaining of unfunded mandates.

SHREWSBURY, Mass. —  Local government officials say they are sick of getting mandates handed down from the state without getting money or support to implement them. Now they're letting legislators know.

Representatives from Shrewsbury, Westborough, Grafton, Southborough, Boylston and the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission met April 18 and Oct. 11 to discuss so-called unfunded mandates, and the burdens they place on communities. Tuesday night, Shrewsbury selectmen signed letters, which are being sent to the town's state delegation – Rep. Matthew Beaton and Sen. Michael Moore – outlining the town's grievances, including:

  • New requirements for educators teaching English and special needs students;
  • Inadequate state funding for local schools, due to a faulty funding formula;
  • New mandatory staffing requirements for veterans benefits;
  • A prevailing wage law that hampers the bidding process and squeezes out small, local businesses;
  • A law that restricts the disposal of sharps (i.e., hypodermic needles used by diabetics), without providing an alternative means of disposal.

The memo concludes: "… We ask that you give serious consideration to the mandates referenced … which continue to drive up the cost of doing business for municipalities and school districts."

Download the letter at the link below.

Attached: Local mandates (moore_ltr._re_local_mandates_11-13-12.pdf)

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