Medical Marijuana Gets Voter OK, Assisted Suicide In Limbo

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CENTRAL MASSACHUSETTS - Voters have definitively approved the use of medical marijuana on ballot questions Tuesday, with a question on assisted suicide remaining too close to call.

Question 2, which asked voters if physicians would be allowed to prescribe medication to end a patient's life, was showing 51 percent against, with 85 percent of Massachusetts towns reporting, according to media reports.

Question 3, which asked voters to approve the medical use of marijuana with a written prescription from a physician, was showing 63 percent in favor, with 85 percent of Massachusetts towns reporting, according to media reports.

Question 1, the "right to repair," was nullified by a bill passed by the legislature in August, but still received strong support with 84 percent voting yes, according to media reports. The question requires motor vehicle manufacturers to give vehicle owners access to the same diagnostic and repair information that the manufacturers' dealers and authorized repair facilities have.

In Central Massachusetts towns, here's how the voters decided:

Question 1:

Auburn: Yes 6,808; No 1,047
Grafton: Yes 7,504; No 1,072
Holden: Yes 4,705; No 3,963
Leicester: Yes 4,220; No 714
Millbury: Yes 5,088; No 851
Northbridge: Yes 5,946; No 945
Northborough: Yes 6,642; No 984
Shrewsbury Yes 14,057; No 2,227
Southborough Yes 4,754; No 602
Westborough: Yes 7,036; No 1,016

Question 2:

Auburn: Yes 3,824; No 4,694
Grafton Yes 4,547; No 4,741
Holden: Yes 4,705; No 5,556
Leicester: Yes 2,351; No 3,050
Millbury: Yes 2,974; No 2,536
Northbridge: Yes 3,118; No 4,297
Northborough: Yes 4,061; No 4.084
Shrewsbury Yes 7,936; No 9,452
Southborough Yes 3,107; No 2,097
Westborough: Yes 4,450; No 4,234

Question 3:

Auburn: Yes 5,122, No 3,363
Grafton: Yes 4,945; No 3,439
Holden: Yes 6,274; No 3,963
Leicester: Yes 3,283; No 2,089
Millbury: Yes 4,031; No 2,536
Northbridge: Yes 4,416; No 2,974
Northborough Yes 4,968; No 3,164
Shrewsbury: Yes 10,225; No 7,145
Southborough: Yes 3,685; No 2,097
Westborough: Yes 5,381; No 3,313

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Comments (3)

I think that will work good.The voters have spoken and we have to respect their will.We are all aware that voters in the states of Washington and Colorado recently took bold strides, granting weed decriminalization regulationsThough critics were quick to begin grumbling, those states are poised to reap substantial economic benefits from doing so. Pay for your medicine with a cash advance.

I think people want to change their vote on Question 2 after last night.

It doen't matter what the people vote this state the legislature does whatever it wants, the people be damned