Worcester County DA Warns Of Holiday Text Message Scams

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Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. is warning residents of holiday text message scams. Photo Credit: File Photo

WORCESTER, Mass. – That text message promising a $1,000 gift card is probably not from Best Buy. It's just one of several scams that are making the rounds this holiday season, Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. warns.

“If something sounds to good to be true, it probably is,” Early said. “Consumers should be wary about giving up their personal information.”

State Police detectives assigned to the DA's office are investigating the Best Buy scam, a national scam that has recently made its way into Worcester County along with other attempts to fraudulently obtain credit card numbers and other personal information.

The scammers send a text congratulating the recipient for winning a $1,000 gift card to the electronics retailer. Those receiving the text are directed to a web site disguised to appear as if it from the company. Scam web sites will often ask consumers to give their credit card and other information in order to get their prize.

The detectives and Best Buy officials recommend that those receiving the bogus text call their cell phone carrier and report that they are receiving spam.

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Comments (2)


My wife got one of these text messages about 1am the other day, but it was for Target - not Best Buy. Really ticks me off. No idea how/why they chose her phone & not mine - they're only 1 digit off.

Read My Lips No New Taxes:

Already got my invite. One text at 3am in the morning, phone set on highest volume, woke up to John Lennon's Happy Xmas.

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