Shrewsbury Fire Chief Asks Residents To Adopt Hydrants

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Shrewsbury Fire Chief Jim Vuona is asking residents to make sure fire hydrants are accessible. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — While New England is still in the firm, unrelenting, icy-cold grip of an uncaring and wholly depressing winter, there is one thing Shrewsbury can do to make life a little easier, and potentially save lives. Shrewsbury Fire Chief Jim Vuona is asking residents to “adopt a fire hydrant” and make sure it is free of snow, with a path dug for firefighters.

“It's a huge delay for us if we have to find your fire hydrant and then have to dig it out,” he said.

Any delay in getting water onto a fire, Vuona said, “is detrimental.”

Fire trucks can carry between 500 and 750 gallons of water. But that water is often pumped at about 100 gallons a minute, and is easily depleted.

Vuona's request was also echoed by State Fire Marshal Stephen Coan: “In a fire, seconds count, so help your fire department protect you and your neighbors by removing snow from nearby fire hydrants.”

Fire officials are urging those who are able to do so to shovel snow away from fire hydrants in case access to them is needed quickly, Coan stated.

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