Man Charged In Assault On Shrewsbury Police Officer

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Photo Credit: File photo

SHREWSBURY, Mass. -- A traffic stop Thursday morning resulted in an altercation and arrest on assault and battery charges.

Just after 2 a.m. Thursday morning Shrewsbury police pulled over a vehicle for a lack of an inspection sticker.

Officer Adam Bullock pulled over a vehicle traveling West on the Boston Turnpike that was being operated by Wilmer Paris of Worcester. Paris admitted he did not have a license, according to police records. 

Bullock reported that when he approached the vehicle he could see the driver-side, backseat passenger reaching for the floor. Bullock said he suspected that the man, identified as Edwin Carrasquillo of Worcester, was reaching for a weapon. 

Upon arrival at the car, he ordered Carrasquillo to step outside. Bullock said he had him put his hands up against the car and ordered Carrasquillo to spread his legs to be frisked, but he refused. 

Bullock said Carrasquillo "began to thrash back and forth and threw multiple punches and elbows."

Carrasquillo is also reported to have reached into the driver-side window in an attempt to put the gear selector into drive. Bullock said he then drew his weapon and pointed it at Carrasquillo, suspecting he was reaching for a weapon, while Officer Tim Charland subdued Carrasquillo. 

Both Paris and Carrasquillo were arrested and arraigned at Westborough District Court on Thursday morning. 

Paris was fined $600 for driving without a license and no inspection sticker. 

Carrasquillo was held on $200 cash bail. He is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on Dec. 19 on charges of assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. 

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