8 Men Arrested In Prostitution Sting At Northborough Hotel

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Eight men were arrested at different times at a Northborough hotel on Saturday.
Eight men were arrested at different times at a Northborough hotel on Saturday. Photo Credit: File

NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. — A sting at a Northborough hotel Saturday resulted in the arrest of eight men on charges of attempting to purchase sex from a minor, police said.

According to records filed Monday in Westborough District Court, Massachusetts State Police working with members of Northborough, Fitchburg and Worcester departments coordinated an operation to catch child sex predators on Sept 29.

Police placed an online ad that contained a cellphone number to lure adults seeking sexual acts from an underage prostitute, Northborough Police Detective Sgt. Brian Griffin said in a court statement. A female state trooper who answered the phone arranged to meet the men at different times Sept. 29 at the Econo Lodge hotel at 380 Southwest Cutoff in Northborough.

The men were then greeted by Northborough and state police officers at the hotel, Griffin said.

Cash to be used to pay for sexual favors was confiscated in amounts ranging from $48 to $200, police said. Items allegedly used for payment included beer, cigarettes, marijuana and a $25 gift card to Old Navy, police said.

The following men were arrested and charged with attempting to pay a person under 18 for sex: Daniel Demarzo, 30, of North Grafton; William Shomphe, 54, of Marlborough; David Huckins, 51, of Medway; Wilson Silva, 41, of Framingham; Charles Fegan, 26, of Sutton; Miles Silun, 32, of Charlton; Zachary Chase, 37, of Marlborough; and Elder Perez-Esteban, 40, of Marlborough.

Each was released on personal recognizance, with return court dates in late November.

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Comments (9)

Did anyone notice this sting was used to catch men looking PAY for sex with CHILDREN???? This is never ok no matter what!!!!

I notice how over the last few years they have been shifting the blame on men who are willing to pay and using the woman =victim BS. A lot of these woman are scam artist and drug usuers who do anything for the money. Some do it because they like it and yes some are victims, but not at the expense of the customers, but victims of the pimps.

Because the article stated that these men thought they were going to have sex with a MINOR.

Male_DV_Victim... comments such as yours should be deleted.

Part of it is that these departments have discovered that they can take the guys money away so it's a new source of revenue and it makes Officer ___ look like she is doing something or pulling her own weight. We all knop that's all fluff.

Good point that's very true. Men become victims emotionally, finacially and then they courtstated by females in the court system. It used to be cheaper and easier to just call a service, but they want to take that away as well.

These things sicken me. I have a massive amount of gratitude for the departments who do these stings.

That's all the men were looking for was a little gratitude. Seems like entrapment to me but I would never make one of those phone calls. At least not anymore.