Bel Scriba Exquisite Invitations and Custom Baby Gifts

North Grafton 01536


Give a one of kind baby gift that will be treasured for a lifetime! Creativity, imagination and innovation are an integral part of the spirit of the Bel Scriba™ Studio and Babeez Cakes™ Bakery. Bel Scriba, LLC was founded in 1997 by Susan R. Posterro and is named after the French and Latin words for Beautiful Writing. The philosophy behind Bel Scriba, LLC is to provide each and every client individualized design service. This allows Bel Scriba, LLC to create an invitation or announcement that expresses a client's personality and taste as unique as the event. The same focus and attention is obvious in the famous Bel Scriba Babeez Cakes™ line made with the secret ingredient of Susan's mothers handmade Binkeez™ and Burpeez™. There are always so many details to planning an event or to give that special one of kind baby gift. The experience and focus that Bel Scriba, LLC offers will result in making your invitation and Babeez Cakes™ experience with "eez", affordable and even fun. We value every relationship we have developed with our clients. It is a wonderful feeling to have a small part in such special times of our client lives.