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SHREWSBURY, Mass. - We're entering political season once more and everyone has opinions. We would welcome yours, as letters to the editor, on The Shrewsbury Daily Voice.

It doesn't have to be politics. Angry about an issue going on in your neighborhood? Want people to know about someone who’s working hard to help your community? We want to hear it all! The Shrewsbury Daily Voice welcomes letters on hyperlocal topics, as well as more far-reaching concerns, questions and points of debate. Send your letters to the editor to, and we’ll publish them on our Opinion Page.

Here's what we ask from you:

Identify yourself. The Daily Voice accepts signed, original letters to the editor. Your email and phone number should be included so that we can contact you with questions. Your contact information will not be published or shared.

Letters to may be edited for length and grammar. Letters should be no more than 450 words and may be edited or rejected for clarity, taste and libel.

Be respectful. Controversial topics are fine, even encouraged, but The Daily Voice encourages direct and honest debate. We will not publish letters that are intentionally inflammatory, violent, threatening or racist.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Comments (2), no comments....understood. Gee thanks.

We always welcome comments on our stories, but please note that we have guidelines similar to our letters. We will remove comments that are libelous, racists, contains name-calling, etc. Spammers will be blocked permanently.