Letter: Question 3 Has Dangerous Loopholes

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A Shrewsbury resident is stating Question 3 will make it easy to buy or posses marijuana.
A Shrewsbury resident is stating Question 3 will make it easy to buy or posses marijuana. Photo Credit: File

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Medical Marijuana Question # 3 - This potential law with all of its dangerous loopholes will make it easy to buy or possess marijuana if passed. It will add numerous storefronts and allow users to grow marijuana in their homes. Stores will be able to sell flavored ice cream, brownies, as well as joints. Users will have the excuse "this is for medicinal purposes." Marijuana can cause lung problems, impair judgment, and impact school performance. Teens can carry 60 days worth of marijuana or up to 100 joints. This law will make it near impossible for police to make arrests, control plant growers, and enforce DUI.

Vote NO on Question 3

Brian Austin

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Comments (2)

Misdemeanor for simple possession, what's the problem with legitimate medical use. I disagree with Mr Austin's premise that it will make it near impossible to enforce the law. It has been impossible to enforce the law now and in the past. Plus why deny an individual a proven medical therapy for glaucoma, pain relief, assistance with nausea during chemotherapy. If people want to smoke pot they will do it with or without this law.

The subject of medical marijuana is certainly a controversial one and voters should take care when making their decision. However the voters should be accurately informed as well.

The law would allow for 35 treatment centers in the entire state in 2013 with modification possible by the DPH in subsequent years. Its up to the voter if this qualifies as "numerous".

I'm not sure where the letter's author sees language that would allow teens to carry 60 days worth of marijuana though I suppose if a doctor provided written certification to a teen patient then said patient would be allowed to keep a 60 day supply. I would have to wonder how likely a doctor would be to provide such certification to a teen.

When making our decision on this issue, let's remember that in Massachusetts possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana only results in a $100 fine.