Letter: Mainer Gets A Little Help From A Stranger In Shrewsbury

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Dear Editor,

On Friday, Aug. 24, my son and I had driven down to Northampton, Mass. from Woolwich Maine, to pick up my daughter. It was a long day on the road. Heading north on 290, heading down the hill from Worcester, traffic came to a grinding halt. After sitting on 290 for a while, we saw ahead of us that all traffic was being diverted onto an exit ramp.

I opened the windows, and asked the police woman where we were headed. Apparently, a women several lanes to my right must have heard my question, because she called over to me to follow her.

She led me on some back roads, including near the Shrewsbury High School, and various residential roads, ending up at the next on-ramp back to 290. This lady did certainly not have to offer help to this out-of-stater – and I would have made it back to 290 with all the other people backed up – but this definitely a very nice thing to do, which shortened an already long trip. In this day and age, it was such a nice experience to have someone help us out, for no reason other than to be a good samaritan. If she is reading, I wish her a heartfelt thanks.

Bob Lydon
Woolwich, Maine

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