Letter: Brown A Good Campaigner, Not A Good Senator

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To the Editor,

Scott Brown is a very good and clever campaigner. He is just not a good senator. The "good and clever" part is his fervent attempts to walk away from his voting record and to attempt to walk away from his Republican Party and to pretend to be the bi-partisan regular guy in the pickup truck. The "not a good senator" part is his voting record: jobs bills to put 800,000 folks back to work: "no"; equal pay for equal work for women: "no"; his support of every bill favoring big corporations, banks, Wall Street and insurance companies – "yes". Maybe there are some people who are intimidated and afraid of a strong, bright, well-spoken woman. I'm not. Elizabeth Warren will work fervently for the people of Central Massachusetts. Join me and let's get back to having a good senator again who will focus her energy, commitment and experience on the needs and concerns of the people of this Commonwealth.

Kevin T. Byrne,

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Comments (3)

Read the link Myths about wage inequality it says it all A MYTH


1) So Kevin Byrne claims that Scott Brown just pretends to be bi-partisan? This is the same Kevin Byrne who is the most partisan Democrat in Shrewsbury. Nice try, Kevin. 2) Kevin claims that Scott Brown voted no on a jobs bill to put 800,000 folks back to work? And of course, we have Kevin’s assurance that this jobs bill would be different from the $800 Billion stimulus package that promised to create all those permanent jobs, but only added another $800 Billion to the federal deficit. 3) We already have equal pay for equal work in this country. What Kevin and his fellow Democrats want to do is to remove factors like seniority, experience, and on-the-job performance in determining pay. 4) Kevin claims that Scott Brown favors big corporations, Wall Street, etc.? Well, we have all kinds of laws regulating them, including Sarbanes-Oxley, so where is the Justice Dept. of this Democratic administration when it comes to prosecuting the company officials who bankrupted large financial firms or ‘lost’ investors funds? - Sitting on its hands. No Kevin, what we need is enforcement. 5) Kevin claims that some people may be intimidated by Elizabeth Warren? Please, don’t make me laugh! Elizabeth is just another typical intellectual from academia who thinks she is smarter than all the people who live in the real world. The only thing that scares me about Elizabeth is that she will be able to fool enough people to get elected and then be able to advance her redistributionist policies.

I do find it ironic that the new Scott Brown ads feature a mother saying she has daughters and wants them to find good jobs for equal pay....Scott Brown voted AGAINST that bill!! Yet he has the audacity to campaign as if he voted for it.