Moore: Honor Labor Day By Buying U.S.-Made Products

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State Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge
State Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge Photo Credit: file photo

NORTHBRIDGE, Mass. - Over the past 20 years it seems as though one American company after another has become a design and marketing shell, with production shifted to contract manufacturers in China, India or some other Asian country. With the shift away from manufacturing, America lost good jobs at good wages. A lot of them!

Here in the region of the country where America's Industrial Revolution began with Samuel Slater, that transition has seemed especially painful. We've watched textiles, steel, shoes, optics and a variety of manufacturing businesses move away taking away jobs and undermining the local tax base.

Now, according to the New York Times, that trend may be showing early signs of reversing. Increasingly, we're beginning to see a rebirth of manufacturing in Central Massachusetts. IPG Photonics in Oxford, a leading manufacturer of laser technology, is expanding thanks, in part, to assistance from state and local governments. New England Envelope has moved into a larger facility by acquiring the former Schuster Mill in Douglas. Even small businesses like Boston Bumper of Whitinsville, which restores and resells damaged auto bumpers, is looking to expand and hire additional personnel.

Ground is being broken for expansion at Biomeasure Inc. of Milford. The existing 77,000 square-foot Milford outpost is the center for Ipsen's U.S.-based peptide and toxin R&D platforms and is a current good manufacturing practice (cGMP) facility focused on producing recombinant proteins to treat hemophilia. Accelrys, a scientific software company based in California, has finalized plans to move its Massachusetts subsidiary, VelQuest, to Industrial Road in Milford later this year.

With the rebirth of the Grafton and Upton Railroad in Milford and Hopedale, businesses from other parts of the state, as well as from other places beyond our boundaries, are moving to Central Massachusetts. Romar Transportation Systems has announced its move from Boston to Hopedale because of the new availability of rail access. The railroad's rejuvenation could prove very beneficial to companies such as St. Gobain's Veralia subsidiary which recently modernized its glass furnaces to maintain a number of manufacturing jobs in the local area. It should also make the former Draper facility more attractive for development.

It's clear that some American companies are again making products in the United States either by expanding their domestic manufacturing or bringing jobs back home. While many of those companies have been small, there have also been some highly visible moves by America's largest consumer and industrial manufacturers. General Electric and Caterpillar, for example, have moved assembly operations back to the United States in the last year. Locally, Milton CAT, a major Northeast distributor for Caterpillar machines, is also promoting Certified Power Train (CPT) rebuild to overhaul existing construction machinery at the Milford facility.

There is no single reason for the change, according to the New York Times. Rising labor and energy costs have made manufacturing in China significantly more expensive; transportation costs have risen; companies have become increasingly aware of the risks of the theft of intellectual property when products are made in China; and in a business where time-to-market is a competitive advantage, proximity of manufacturer to customer is a big advantage. The best way that we can honor American workers during this Labor Day time is by looking for the made in USA in the products we buy whether we purchase these goods as individuals or as businesses.

State Sen. Richard T. Moore, D-Uxbridge, represents 14 towns in South Central Massachusetts in the Massachusetts State Senate. He is a member of the Legislature's Joint Committee on Economic Development and Emerging Technologies.

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And lets vote for leaders whose policies keep jobs here and bring them back, rather than reward the outsourcers.

Dear Mary, I agree with your comments but maybe for a different reason. We have the highest corporate taxes in the world which adds incentive for American companies to invest overseas. If we lower the corporate tax, we get jobs back and we also get profits repatriated back to the US.

GM, which is the story that this administration has pushed as saving the car business, has shipped and created so many jobs over to China and other countries. It is incredible that this does not get emphasized in the media. Thats why they say Obama should not make this outsourcing argument against Mitt because he is worse. This can be verified with a little research with who ever you trust for your news. I hope you are doing well.


'Easy Fix' Change the US Tax Code so it offer's incentive's for US Company's to stay in United State's, offer Tax 'non incentives' for those Company's that move oversea's?

As Massachusetts lead the way on Health Care maybe it should lead the way on Tax incentive's for those Company's that stay in Massachusetts or United State's?

Just think if that caught on to all the other 49 State's?

Harpoon1212, remember if it was not for President Obama their would not be a flourishing United State's Auto Industry. Seem to recall the Republican nominee saying let the majority of the Auto Industry fail, correct? Plus could you imagine all the Auto Industry retiree's in this Nation, for them it would have been just living on poverty level Social Security, loss of Auto Pensions, and the Soup Kitchen's world.

The 1% need some more Tax Breaks, President Bush's Tax cuts may have not been enough. Going to create million's of job's with the Tax Breaks, trickle down, well where are they all? Cayman Islands?

"Harpoon1212, remember if it was not for President Obama their would not be a flourishing United State's Auto Industry"

That is an ABSOLUTE falsehood. Bush 43 started the bailout in his waning days in office, it was completed under the current administration.

Had 43 not begun the process, the Auto Industry's fate (other than FORD who refused to have the American Taxpayer fix their misgivings) may have been different...
We seem to forget that the current President PROMISED to cut the deficit in half his first term...
And, last night's gobbledygook promised 4 Trillion in deficit reduction.
In reality, three years ago, when he made that promise to cut in half the deficit "we inherited" by the end of his first term, a mark he's set to miss by a WIDE margin. The deficit when he took office was $1.2 trillion, and the $800 billion stimulus bill Obama signed soon afterward increased the shortfall to over $1.4 trillion. The White House predicts this year's federal budget deficit will end up at $1.2 trillion, marking the fourth consecutive year of trillion dollar-plus red ink.

Obama's new $4 trillion target over 10 years resets the goalposts with some fancy budget footwork. For one thing, it includes $1 trillion in cuts already signed into law. And it assumes that Congress will pass the administration's plan to raise the capital gains tax, boost taxes on households earning over $250,000 a year and impose a minimum 30 percent tax on incomes above $1 million. It also assumes a reduction in the amount of interest the government must pay on its debt.

Now, considering this proposal has a lot of "assumptions', "potentials", and "presumptions" that's maybe why you are drinking from the Obama-Aid fountain.

Lest we all forget that this entire financial crisis began WAY BACK WHEN President "Just a Gigolo" Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall act.
Then Congressman "Also Just a Gigolo" Frank deregulated the Mortgage industry and gave Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac blank checks.

Oh well, right now gas is almost $4.00 a gallon again. Damn that Bush-Cheney, at it again!

LETCM, I agree with everything you said and I learned a few new things. I don't know why you think I am drinking President O's Kool aid unless someone switched my Harpoon when I was not looking.

The only thing that I will add is that I believe gas, investments, and food are going up because our dollar is being devalued as our printing presses are smoking because they are running too much. It is a given, QE3 in some form is going into effect. Gold has taken off and will go to new highs. The debt service that we will pay on the 16 trillion plus debt is now greater than the annual defense department budget. We are edging closer and closer to the point of no return. We are sliding toward a Greece scenario but the only problem is, we are too big to bail out. Thanks for your response.


Remember the $4.5 Trillion Deficit that President Obama inherited from President Bush.

Two controversial Wars put on the Nation's Charge Card, under President Bush, No Tax's raised to pay for them. Some may estiminate the true cost's when all said and done $7 Trillion Dollars. (Mission Accomplished)

Medicare Part D half baked Prescription Drug Plan put on the Nation's Charge Card under President Bush. President Obama had to correct the Donut Hole provision of that Plan, which Seniors were stuck paying the offset?

$16 Trillion Dollar Bail out of Wall Street, Foreign Banks, under President Bush.

Under President Bush we were hemorrhaging and loosing #800,000 jobs a month, Great Depression type numbers. We are adding job's now, most say no President could correct what President Obama inherited in four years.

Tried to take on the Nation's Deficit, but Republican U.S. Senator's used the Filibuster provision of the Senate Rule's to stop his progress at every turn. Plus Rep. Paul Ryan walked away from the Simpson Bowl's Deficit Bipartisanship reduction talk's.

Comment:"Lest we all forget that this entire financial crisis began WAY BACK WHEN President "Just a Gigolo" Clinton repealed the Glass-Steagall act."
Then Congressman "Also Just a Gigolo" Frank deregulated the Mortgage industry and gave Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac blank checks."

A. The flip side to both this with the repeal their was going to be aggressive over site from the S.E.C., some say they were a sleep at the switch! "Your Doing A Hell Of Job Brownie!"
I agree bring the Glass-Stegall act back, if the SEC is Nobody Home and the lights are on agenda, may be an accident waiting to happen? Plus bigger issue under President Reagan he repealed that same Bank you have or originated your Mortgage at would have to hold it for life. He signed legislation into law Bank's and Mortgage Company's can sell your Mortgage at any time unless specified. More accountability when a Bank or Mortgage Co, has to hold one's Mortgage for it's entire life span, correct?

Why Are Gas Prices So High?

I am surprised the Republican Tea Party maybe has not yet called our Nations Veteran's Leech's yet? Like those on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, they may

We can plug up this board with shortcomings of 43 and Obama all day. They both stink to their varying degrees.

You stated that President Obama "SAVED" the Auto Industry, which he did not.

He forced them to file bankruptcy then loaned them 80 Billion of our money of which contrary to what he brags, has not been paid back.
He then took OUR stake in Chrysler and sold it to Fiat who is now the MAJORITY owner of Chrysler...

HE did not save it, he sold it... to a FOREIGN coroporation...


One may smell a little bit better. :)

Most of the Republican's wanted a Managed Bankruptcy of the US Auto Industry that you mention., excluding Ford. President Obama maybe Bush started it, by bailing out GM and Chrysler, and saved their Retiree's Pensions. :) Your correct that Ford was not involved, we agree.

The Republicans under President Bush Bailed Out Wall Street and Foreign Banks to the tune of $16 Trillion American Dollars.

Like anything you have to be a 'Smart Shopper'! :D

Plus not like the old days when all our product were made in the USA.

Plus I bet GM/Chrysler retiree's are happy they did not loose their Pension and Medical benefits? If they had gone through a possible managed Bankruptcy, like most Republicans had wanted.


I wanted to show you a link to a NY Times article regarding Pensions:

Juggy, Just a question on the pension and medical benefits that were saved for the GM / Chrysler retirees. I am glad that they were saved because I do not want to see any Seniors suffer. But with the majority of Pension plans failing right now in most of the Fortune 500, what would be the best thing to do? GM/Chrysler received the bailout, obviously these companies will not be able to be bailed like this. We do not have any money to even come close to this problem. It is sad but the financial truth is that people will lose a lot (if not all) of their benefits. At some point, someone is going to have to tell the truth and sound the alarm. The pension plans themselves will put the company out of business unless changes occur.


Their is a Federal Insurance Plan for Pensions for Company's that fail or go into Bankruptcy. But I think people may only get 50% of the Pensions they thought they were going to receive.

It is going to take some bold step's, but I prefer taking a careful approach on how the Deficit Reduction should be done. If we can bail out Wall Street and Foreign Banks, $16 Trillion Dollars we should take care of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

We have all different versions of Foreign Aid, we can cut. Plus we pay for half of the UN' s Budget, plus we have a 1000 Military bases in the World we may have to cut back on.

If we do not restructure our Debt or make wise decisions on how to cut the Deficit. We may have to go into a similar Bankruptcy restructuring, like a Chap7-13. Or we could say to all the Foreign Country's that we might owe money to 'take a walk', if it was not for us during WWII you would not have a Country.

I think the only Country that may have paid us back from WWII may have been England, but I am not sure. I think we forgave everyone's else debt what they owed us? Maybe we can have a change of mind?

Hi Juggy,

Nothing is easy when it comes getting people to agree on things. There is too much of a divide in ideas. We tried to tax the hell out of the financial industry in MA and it drove most of companies like Fidelity to RI, NH, and through out the country. Our politicians did not learn their lesson.

The best thing about Romney when he was governor was he said "No" to spending. The GM bailout was a bailout of their pension plan. The cost to the PBGC would have cost triple the amount that it took to prop this company up for a while. Romney said that he would have done a managed bankruptcy and would have saved the country billions of dollars and got the same results that Obama did.

I feel for the retirees in this country and the people on Social Security. The easy money policy to Quantitative Ease is devaluing our dollar so quickly and the public has no clue. It is a huge defacto secret tax that is reducing the purchasing power of our Seniors who deserve better.

By the way, tonights headlines, $5.4 Trillion in debt since President Obama took office. It is 16 trillion now. Can you believe this? People have to understand the ramifications. The Dems and GOP have to come together to get this corrected or it is game, set, and match for Uncle Sam.

Hi Harpoon1212:,

Company's moving from one State to an another may not always be based on how they may be Taxed in their present State they may be moving from. May it also be for a lot of reason's not just connected to taxiation, but for some it may play a role I agree.

"The best thing about Romney when he was governor was he said "No" to spending." But he said a big YES to an increase in significant State Fee's from State Park's to a Barber's License's. Plus may his lack of spending assisted in us being 47th or 48th in Job creation during his tenure? If I recall one of the few State's that was maybe worse in job creation was Louisiana because of Hurricane Katrina.

" Romney said that he would have done a managed bankruptcy and would have saved the country billions of dollars and got the same results that Obama did." Strange he would do a managed bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler. But if I recall himself and Rep. Paul Ryan were for the 2007- 2008, Wall Street, $16 Trillion Dollar Bailout. Bailout for Wall Street? But GM and Chrysler, Main Street, a managed bankruptcy!

"$16 Trillion Wall Street Bailout:"

I agree on the Senior Citizen point, could you imagine if Social Security had been in Wall Street 401K, in 2007-2008, like President Bush had wanted? If we have $16 Trillion to take care of Wall Street, Foreign Banks, surely we can take of Social Security and Medicare, and Medicaid?

Correct $5.4 Trillion in Debt under President Obama, but what about the $4.5 Trillion Debt that was handed to him by President Bush? Two questionable Wars on the Nation's Charge Card, Billions Missing In Iraq/Afghanistan? Bush significant Tax Cuts for the 1% for the promise of Job creation, 'where are the Job's'? Medicare Prescription Plan on the Nations charge Card under President Bush, no plan to pay for it. Plus when President Obama took Office we were losing #800,000 jobs a month. We are on the slow road back, most say or agree.

"The Dems and GOP have to come together to get this corrected or it is game, set, and match for Uncle Sam." "I agree", but did not Rep. Paul Ryan walk away from the Simpson Bowl's deficit reduction plan when Congress was trying to work something out?

I agree we are in stew, as Winston Churchill use to say after America try's everything else eventually it will do the right thing!

I am looking for Wal_mart to have a Made in the USA with union labor isle.


Looks like American Industry Is Moving Back To The US, I give it a few year's and maybe Evergreen Solar will be moving back also.

The End of Chinese Manufacturing and 'Rebirth of U.S. Industry'

Millions of American jobs moved to China, and manufacturing became the underpinning of China's growth and prosperity. But rising labor costs, concerns over government-sponsored I.P. theft, and production time lags are already causing companies such as Dow Chemicals, Caterpillar, GE, and Ford to start moving some manufacturing back to the U.S. from China. Google recently announced that its Nexus Q streaming media player would be made in the U.S., and this put pressure on Apple to start following suit.


Thank you Senator Moore. Channel 5 (ABC) keeps a running list of made in America companies. I try very hard to only buy made in America. In fact, I keep a list of companies on my iphone and add to it each time I find a new one.
For housewares, I've discovered Pyrex Glass Bakeware and Nordic Ware Aluminum. Believe it or not, at Macy's, for clothing companies, I found "Pretty Good" and "Joseph A". Two toy companies I've discovered who had products at Wegman's were "Holgate Toys" of Bradford PA and "Uncle Goose" of Grand Rapids MI.

Why does not State Senator more lower the taxes on people and corporations for Labor Day. The people will do a better job spending their own money and maybe the companies will not leave MA. EMC built all these buildings but never filled them. I will believe these new jobs when I see it. There was a reason why Evergreen Solar left MA in a big hurry to China.