Worcester Model Railroaders Get On Track For New Generation

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Best seat in the house. A young enthusiast gets a great viewing angle during the show. Photo Credit: John R. Anderson
A member of the Amherst Railway Society inspects his train at track level as it travels around the layout. Photo Credit: John R. Anderson
Amherst Railway Society's Greg Maas operates a steam train during Sunday's show. Photo Credit: John R. Anderson
Auburn's Dakota Kuizinas mans the throttle of an Amherst Belt Lines train. Photo Credit: John R. Anderson
Guests line up for tickets during Sunday's raffle of an HO scale layout built by Worcester Model Railroaders. Photo Credit: John R. Anderson
The Daily Voice photographer was not alone as a Maine Central locomotive pulls a train. Photo Credit: John R. Anderson

AUBURN, Mass. - The Worcester Model Railroaders held their 22nd annual Show and Sale on Sunday. About 250 people braved a steady snow and trekked through the slush in the Auburn Elks parking lot to attend.

WMRR spokesman Ralph Kimball said many attendees were "diehard model railroaders" and the 29 dealers did well.

A big draw at this show was the modular layout owned by the Amherst Railway Society. Their HO scale Amherst Belt Lines is built in sections that store in a trailer between shows. The configuration can be adjusted to the display area, and all trains are controlled by wireless throttles.

Northbridge's Greg Maas, a member of Amherst Railway, said their organization wants to increase interest in the hobby for the next generations.

This was evident as he handed his throttle to 8-year-old Dakota Kuizinas from Auburn. Kuizinas was able to control the speed of his train and could also remotely blow the horn and adjust the headlights. This sophisticated locomotive has a sound speaker inside the shell, and observers could hear the simulated diesel motor, warning signals, and even the dynamic brakes at work as the engine slowed.

The Worcester Model Railroaders hold their show on the last Sunday in February every year. According to Kimball, this was first time they had to consider a cancellation. Some fans, and many children, did not make the event, but the next show is less than 365 days away.

Throughout the year, the WMRR meet at their club in Dudley, MA where they are building a permanent HO scale 43'x51' layout, a modular N scale layout, and a G scale layout. They are always looking or new members to share in this great hobby. If interested, visit wmrr.org

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Comments (8)

Lilibet Patty:

I seem to like model trains specially vintage ones, I hope I could come to The Worcester Model Railroaders Annual Show someday.


I think I see a propane transfer station behind the grain elevator, that little kid is way too close.

Read My Lips No New Taxes:

Hope about Slot Car track and racing, next step up from Model Trains.

Read My Lips No New Taxes:

Neil Young is a big model train enthusiast. American Flyer all the way LOL.

Chris L.:

I built a simple layout back in high school. Great way to learn to pay attention to detail. Lots of fun.


Model Railroading, is there an APP for that?

Dura Mater:

Any protesters? Lol

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