What Changes To Expect In Shrewsbury This Year

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Construction of the new Burns Bridge between Shrewsbury and Worcester will continue in 2013.
Construction of the new Burns Bridge between Shrewsbury and Worcester will continue in 2013. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck (file)

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — Now that 2012 is history, what can Shrewsbury residents expect in 2013? Take a look:

Property taxes will likely increase 5 percent, and the average tax bill would increase by $178. Meanwhile, the school district is looking for ways to restore positions that were cut from its budget last year.

Customers of Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations may see their cable rates increase but their electric rates decrease in 2013. Meanwhile, SELCO spokesperson Jackie Pratt noted there will be new TV Everywhere content that allows users to access TV content on wireless devices. 

Sherwood Middle School students will start classes at a new facility after the Martin Luther King Jr.  holiday, Jan. 21. Construction of the $42 million school was completed on time and under budget in 2012. 

In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., the Shrewsbury school district will be examining safety protocols. Many schools have already implemented new security measures, including limiting entrance points to buildings during the school day.

White City is completing its renovations. In 2012, new facades, landscaping, sidewalks, and a traffic light were installed at the shopping center. A B. Good burger joint will replace the former White City Pizza restaurant. 

Fairlawn Plaza is expected to tear down its building at Route 9 and Maple Street and replace it with a building containing retail space on a ground floor, and office space on second and third floors. The adjacent Chili's restaurant will be untouched, said Town Planner Kristen D. Las.

The Parks and Cemetery Commission may explore expanding Mountain View Cemetery into a portion of Prospect Park this year.

Construction of the Burns Bridge replacement is expected to continue on schedule in 2013, said Las. Construction is expected to be completed in 2015.

What changes in Shrewsbury will most affect you in 2013? Let us know in the comments section below.

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So glad SELCO is adding a wireless device option. I was upset they didn't have HBO Go so I stopped subscribing to the regular channel. I think they should have to notify people when the rates for their channels go up (HBO went up and I was never notified until I saw the bill). I would like to encourage them to offer more specials for their cable network channels. And it would be great if they staffed someone on weekends!