Top Stories 2012: Hurricane Sweeps In, Winter Strangely Absent

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A tree was uprooted at 4 Crimson Drive in Shrewsbury, thanks to Hurricane Sandy. Photo Credit: Dianne Polito

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — The weather was just weird in 2012. It started with a winter nearly devoid of snow and neared its end with a hurricane that threatened Halloween. How odd was the weather for New England? The first school snow day of the year didn't happen until March.

Just to add to the tropical feel of 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept in Oct. 29, blowing down trees and knocking out power all around Central Mass., although Shrewsbury seemed to be spared the worst. 

A day after Sandy, schools in Shrewsbury were opened, electricity and cable was back online, and that week's Town Meeting went off without a hitch.

What will 2013 bring for weather? Only Mother Nature knows for sure.

The Shrewsbury Daily Voice is tallying the top 10 stories of 2012 this week.

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