Shrewsbury Officials: Town Fared Well In Blizzard

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Here's what the assistant town manager and fire chief had to say about the storm. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck
Shrewsbury municipal and electric departments said they survived the weekend's blizzard just fine.
Shrewsbury municipal and electric departments said they survived the weekend's blizzard just fine. Photo Credit: John Swinconeck

SHREWBURY, Mass. — After taking stock of the weekend's blizzard, town officials say that Shrewsbury emerged relatively unscathed.

"The town fared very well," said Assistant Town Manager Thoma Gregory.

Gregory said Shrewsbury may get some reimbursement from Federal Emergency Management Agency, if FEMA activates its public reimbursement system for expenses incurred due to the storm.

Plow crews worked about 30 hours in order to clear the roads of snow, according to Town Manager Daniel Morgado.

"There's a significant amount of overtime incurred," Gregory said. "It was all hands on deck."

For example, the fire department normally has eight to nine people working per shift, but the department doubled its personnel over the weekend.

Shrewsbury Fire Chief Jim Vuona said the number of emergency calls was "about normal." No fires were reported, but there were a few calls triggered by carbon monoxide detectors.

According to Vuona, ventilation in some buildings became clogged with drifting snow, causing carbon monoxide or other gases to become trapped.

Vuona said that the governor's executive order decision to keep everyone off the streets was helpful.

The department ramped up with additional staff, including three people who brought in their own snowmobiles, and firefighters who brought their truck-mounted plows.

Shrewsbury Electric And Cable Operations spokesperson Jackie Pratt said no power outages were reported either during the storm or in the days after.

While SELCO's offices were continuously staffed throughout the blizzard, there were no calls for line repairs.

Pratt said SELCO's tree limb maintenance throughout the year, and the lack of ice, helped keep the lights on.

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