Patrick Issues Travel Ban In Mass.; No Cars On Road After 4 p.m.

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FRAMINGHAM, Mass. - Gov. Deval Patrick has declared a state of emergency and ordered a statewide travel ban as of 4 p.m. Friday as the state braces for two feet of snow.

Patrick announced the vehicle ban Friday during a press conference at the Massachusetts Emergency Managment Agency bunker in Framingham.

Violating the travel ban could incur a penalty of a year in jail and a $500 fine.

MEMA Director Kurt Schwartz said the ban applies to all roads in the state, with few exceptions: public safety, media and vehicles supplying "essential businesses" like hardware stores and convenience stores.

The state will lift all tolls on the Mass. Pike as of 2 p.m.

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Comments (14)

You will find that the lawyers will rip this apart its illegal.

@Auburn Resident,

My neighbor who plows driveways got pulled over and fined $100 by the Northbridge Swine Dept. because he wasn't a contract employee to plow and was not on the exception list.

Did you get that logic from Faux News? Just like they reported tonight that Stoughton is having COSTAL flooding!

He should contest the ticket. The governor can declare a State of emergency when there is an emergency, but not based upon a weather forecast alone.
A forecast is not an actual State emergency, the governor powers are only advisory until there is an actual emergency.
Sorry, governments responsibility to plow the roads does not exceed public access until such time that it is an extreme burden to the government to do otherwise.
The true reason that the governor declared a State of emergency before the event is so that he could send government workers home without docking their pay. But this motivation does not constitute a crime by a citizen for being in a public way before an actual emergency. This is putting government ahead citizens rights and that's against the law.
The governors emergency powers are there for a reason, but those powers only exist in times of an emergency. I think the Wisconsin governor tried to use "emergency" powers when the democrats left the state in order to boycott a vote. And his declared "emergency" did not withstand court review. It is same thing here, there actually has to be a real emergency before the governor is granted such power and a weather forecast is not real, it's a prediction that often proves to be wrong.
So this person, depending upon the actual circumstance of the ticket should go to court and he will discover that the governor wears no clothes.

Here is the democratic idiocy.
If you own a pickup with a plow you can drive around, whether you are plowing, or just out 4x4 in the snow. You have a plow. So it's ok.
But, if you are in a car you can get pulled over and ticketed.

Ignorance. It's Doofball Patrick's only trait.

They did this during the blizzard in 78. During the ban I drove past multiple police cars and no one even stopped me. It did keep people off the roads.

"it's for the children" LOL

common sense people! A lot of people lack it so need motivation. No way a anyone gets fined or jailed.

this ruins all the fun of the storm! complete overreaction

They are already pulling back the amounts.

A year in jail? PLZ! He supports illegals with criminal records with State aid. And now he says he is going to throw tax paying citizens in jail for a year because they are breaking his just today announced rules.
LIBERALS, they're full of themselves.

… so when does the ban end?

After he lifts the state of emergency. And why do some ask about the UPS driver are they special?

UPS drivers do they count?

"Papers please?"