Next Central Mass. Storm Could Pack Big Wallop

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A storm predicted to hit Central Massachusetts Thursday night may bring a large amount of snow.
A storm predicted to hit Central Massachusetts Thursday night may bring a large amount of snow. Photo Credit: Jennifer Lord Paluzzi (file photo)

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — Central Massachusetts could find itself buried in snow by a storm predicted to hit Thursday night, according to Shrewsbury EMA Weather Analyst Jim Arnold. 

"While it is early to be making a preliminary call on snow depth, this event does have the potential to be the biggest snowstorm so far this winter, and 10 to 15 inches would seem to be a reasonable estimate," he said.

Weather models indicate a "significant" snowstorm is on its way with freezing temperatures and snowfall across inland southern New England, Arnold said. He added that there seems to be little chance of freezing rain, sleet, or ice.

"Our snow should begin late Thursday and continue throughout much of the day Friday," said Arnold. "In addition, this will be an intensifying coastal system, with enough wind from the northeast to cause considerable blowing and drifting of the snow all across southern New England. Temperatures should hold in the low to middle 20s throughout the storm."

Arnold cautioned that the storm itself has not yet formed, and that it is still early in the prediction process.

The National Weather Service has updated its prediction for Thursday and Friday, and is now calling for a 50 percent chance of precipitation, up from 30 percent on Monday.

"Given Friday’s date of Feb. 8, the coming storm could be a nice tip of the atmosphere’s cap to one of the greatest storms ever in New England history, the Blizzard of ’78," said Arnold, referring to the massive storm 35 years ago that blasted the region for 36 hours and left havoc in its wake.

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Comments (3)

3 different days of 60+ in January. Possible 3 feet of snow Friday. Way above average temperatures predicted for March. Got Climate Change?

Looks like a good old New England North Easter Snow Storm shaping up for us Friday into Saturday. It will be all hands on deck for our DPW Crews, hope all our heavy Snow Fighting Artillery is all greased up and ready to go??

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