More Snow To Hit Massachusetts Thursday?

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More snow may be on its way to Massachusetts.
More snow may be on its way to Massachusetts. Photo Credit: Massachusetts State Police File Photo

SHREWSBURY, Mass. - With central Massachusetts digging out from Wednesday's storm that cancelled schools and caused dangerous driving conditions, Shrewsbury Emergency Management Agency Weather Analyst Jim Arnold said he is eying the next storm to come our way that may bring light snow to the region.

“A disturbance will be slowly intensifying off the mid Atlantic Coast later today and will travel to the Northeast up the coast in the general direction of southern New England,” Arnold said. “This one looks like it will stay offshore and may miss our area completely, but I am not yet convinced of that.”

According to Arnold, the disturbance appears to be further offshore, and may bring snow and a chance of rain to the coast, Cape Cod and the Islands.

“The question is just how far inland the precipitation will spread, and this depends on how far to the south and east the arctic front progresses, as the storm will be running right along the leading edge of the arctic air,” Arnold said.  My best estimate right now is that our area will see a light, nuisance value accumulation Thursday night, with only an inch or two accumulating, if that much.”

No wind issues are expected, and temperatures are expected to remain in the upper 20s to low 30s.

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Wednesday's, not Tuesday's storm. Have a hard enough time remembering what day it is. Please don't confuse me any more than I already am. :)