Central Mass. Weekend Weather: Had Enough Snow? Too Bad

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Expect more snow this weekend in Central Massachusetts.
Expect more snow this weekend in Central Massachusetts. Photo Credit: Deb Gauthier (file)

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — Shrewsbury weather analyst Jim Arnold is predicting another storm for this weekend for Central Massachusetts. If it comes to fruition, it'll be the third storm in three weekends, and it may bring more than a foot of snow.

“This one promises to be a big snow-maker for at least inland portions of Massachusetts and probably along the coast as well,” Arnold said.

Light, fluffy snow will start Saturday, and 15 to 25 mph winds will increase Saturday night, likely gusting to 40 mph. However, Arnold is not predicting power outages or tree damage. The National Weather Service says there is a 50 percent chance of precipitation Friday and a 70 percent chance Friday night.

Arnold predicted “significant and disruptive snowfall” of 9 to 14 inches in Central Massachusetts by the time the storm ends early Sunday night. Expect a lot of blowing and drifting.

Residents can expect temperatures in the mid- to high 20s, possibly reaching about 30 degrees.

The weather service predicts a 70 percent chance of precipitation Sunday and a 50 percent chance Sunday night.

As the final kicker, Arnold is predicting yet another storm by about Tuesday.

But for the rest of this week, the weather service is predicting a mostly clear and cold Thursday night, with a low of about 21 degres and wind gusts as high as 30 mph.

Friday will be sunny and warmer with a high of 39 degrees. Friday night will be mostly cloudy with a low of about 25.

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Comments (7)

My comment(s) aren't printable!!

"Roads? We don't need roads where we're going..." Oops...wrong movie.

I appreciate that Mr. Swinconeck apparently saw our comments on previous articles featuring Jim Arnold, and has made an effort to provide a more balanced weather report.

As for the accuracy of the report, well...it's weather, so it's a crapshoot.

I don't know when the story was written, but NWS now (Thurs. morning) has no precipitation forecast for Friday or Friday night. 60% chance of snow Saturday.

Well atleast it will give the townie's something to complain about, the roads

union man;

The Taxpayers may want Champaign DPW Service on a DPW Beer Budget?

I think the DPW's Yearly budget has been level funded at $1 Million Dollars for what about six or seven years now?

I was in the Town Hall the other day on some other business and I heard our DPW Building's referred to as the DPW Pit, I said to myself good point.