St. John's Senior Aaron Hayden Is Unsung Star In Shrewsbury

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St. John's High School senior Aaron Hayden is being honored by the Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services for his contributions to the community. Photo Credit: Joyce Maranto of Maranto Studios

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — This is the third of a four-part look at four students from Shrewsbury schools who are being honored with the Shrewsbury Youth and Family Service's Outstanding Youth of Shrewsbury Awards.

St. John's High School senior Aaron Hayden was described by his principal Jacob Conca as “extremely compassionate and trustworthy,” a student who shows great care and concern for others.

When work needs to be done, Hayden is the first to volunteer and the last to leave, Conca said. He is the student who can be counted on to show up and make sure things are in great shape before an event so that others will enjoy it, Conca said. And when the last of the students have left, Hayden stays behind to fold up the chairs and turn out the lights.

According to Conca, Hayden is an unsung star, not looking for praise or credit — he's just a guy who rolls up his sleeves and, with a smile on his face, does what needs to be done.

Hayden is a sports enthusiast who has managed the basketball team for four years. He is devoted to the team, making it to all games, both home and away. He videotapes the basketball games and many of the lacrosse games for the players to study and learn from their mistakes.

This year, Hayden led a retreat for sophomores. By sharing some of his own challenges, he helped the younger students learn to cope and deal with the obstacles in their lives.

Hayden volunteers at St. Peter’s Parish in Worcester and is a student leader of the Worcester County Young Writer’s Conference. He has worked for several years with young children at the St. John’s Summer Camp.

Hayden played on the football team at St. John’s and aspires to major in business in college.

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