Shrewsbury's Grip Fights Seizures To Do What She Loves

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Shrewsbury High School junior Kristen Grip is being honored by Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services for her contributions to the community. Photo Credit: Joyce Maranto of Maranto Studios

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — Second of a four-part look at four students from Shrewsbury schools who are being honored by Shrewsbury Youth and Family Service's Outstanding Youth of Shrewsbury Awards.

Shrewsbury High School junior Kristen Grip has fought long and hard to participate in the sports she loves – basketball and volleyball, which she plays with her twin sister, Elizabeth.

Diagnosed in the eighth grade with a seizure disorder, Grip has endured long stretches of time where she has been unable to play the sports she loves. She has had to work longer and harder to maintain her academics, too, as she has struggled with her condition and the side effects of treatment.

In spring 2012, doctors were able to identify the cause of Kristen’s seizures. After surgery and rehabilitation, Kristen has returned to school and sports Today, she is seizure-free.

Kristen has volunteered at St. Anne’s Thrift Store, the Mustard Seed, and participates annually in the Relay for Life. She and Elizabeth are organizing a basketball fundraising event to benefit epilepsy research. Grip's  goal is to attend college and find ways to help children who face medical challenges.

Shrewsbury High School nurse Pamela Johnson described Grip as a “mentor, leader, and friend to all of her classmates.

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