Canines Are King At Westborough SureFire Dog Competition

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WESTBOROUGH, Mass. — Christie McNamara said she chose Westborough for the SureFire Dogs training studio because she wanted to host competitions, her first try garnering over 200 registered runners. 

"[Westborough] is a great location because it's central and we can serve a lot of the area," she said, formerly  working at a studio in Boxborough with co-owner Louise Hinckley.

SureFire Dogs also offers classes in all levels of agility, including pet dogs classes.

"We've gotten a whole new group of clients by coming into this area." 

The three-day competition began Friday, with about 25 dog runners leading their various trained canines through a series of obstacles at the 57 Brigham St. facility. 

McNamara ran two of her own dogs, Winnee the golden retriever and Pi the poodle. Hinckley also ran two dogs, Kindle and Jackaroo, both Australian Cattle Dogs.

McNamara said she thought the event was a great success, with trainers coming from all over New England. 

"We'll see how it goes tomorrow and Sunday because it will be a bit larger," McNamara said. 

"It's exciting because it's our first try at this and we've been getting a lot of good reports."

There are 54 registered for Saturday and 110 registered for Sunday. Friday was the Master level. The other two days will starter and advanced level dogs who are still learning the trade. 

"I've owned dogs all my life and competed all my life," she said. 

McNamara said she plans to schedule more agility competitions in the future, but it can get tricky. In scheduling a USDAA competition, she has to make sure there are no others going on within a 100-mile radius. She said there is almost always a competition going on somewhere.

"You could run yourself ragged and compete every single weekend, and then some, if you wanted," she said. 

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Our event was very successful with competitors traveling to Westborough from all over New England. Our reviews were excellent with competitors being impressed by how well organized we were and how welcomed they felt at our center.
Several of our own students competed for the first time and qualified, while some more experienced competitors earned top titles in the sport.

We were also very pleased that some local residents of Westborough stopped in to watch the event and find out about SureFire Dogs Training Center.

Many competitors are looking forward to our next Agility Trial on February 15-17, 2013. We are happy to be holding more events in 2013 which can be found at our website
Louise Hinckley, CPDT
Co-owner SureFire Dogs Training Center