Traditional Indian Music On Tap At Shrewsbury Library

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Traditional Indian music featuring the sitar will be performed Saturday at Shrewsbury Public Library.
Traditional Indian music featuring the sitar will be performed Saturday at Shrewsbury Public Library. Photo Credit: Jan Kraus, Wiki Commons

SHREWSBURY, Mass. — The sound of sitar and other traditional Indian music will be heard at the Shrewsbury Public Library on Saturday. There will be two Indian music performances at the library from 2 to 4 p.m.

Shrewsbury Reference Libriarian and concert organizer Priya Rathnam said the concert will focus on instrumental music that dates back to ancient times. “It's been part of the culture for a very long time,” she said.

Rathnamsaid she is a great fan of Southern Indian music. “I grew up listening to it. It was part of my childhood experience, and I just love it.”

“My mother would sing all the time and she passed on this love of music to me and my siblings,” she said.

Rathnamsaid the performances will give an audience a glimpse of Indian culture. “Everyone is welcome, and I assure you it's going to be something they can appreciate,” Rathnam said. “There will be a cross-cultural appeal.”

The Performers

Priya Vaidya, who began playing when she was 8 years old, will play North Indian-style Hindustani music on the sitar, an instrument made famous in western popular culture by Ravi Shankar. She is an engineer in her professional life.

Vaidya will be accompanied by Siddharth Annaldasula on the tabla drum. Annaldasula is a sophomore at the Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School in Marlborough, and has been studying the tabla for four years at the New England School of Music.

Nishant Raj will play South Indian-style Carnatic music on the violin. Raj is a sophomore at AMSA, and has studied violin since he was 8, and has studied vocal Carnatic music since 4.

Raj will be accompanied by Sudarshan Thirumalai, 14, of Westborough on the mridangam drum. Thirumalai, a St. John's High School freshman, has studied the drum for six years, and is also a Carnatic vocalist.

Refreshments will be served between performances.  This is a drop-in event and all are welcome to attend.

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