Sherwood Six Grade Concert

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2013 at 6:00pm

Shrewsbury High School Auditorium

64 Holden St.


The sixth grade BCO program is scheduled for Tuesday, January 29. The program will be held at Shrewsbury High School in the auditorium. Your child’s program will begin at either 6 PM or 7:30 PM. Since each director needs to give specific instructions to their individual students, you will be hearing directly from them regarding an arrival time for their program, as well as any other important details. The snow date for the program is January 31. If there is no school on the scheduled concert date, the program is automatically postponed to January 31. Also, if it begins to snow later in the day, we will inform you as soon as possible if the concert is going to be postponed.
Dress code for the program is white on top and dark on the bottom. All members should attend this concert, as attendance at the concert is part of their grade for BCO.